3 thoughts on “my first blog post

    • This made my day. A memory of over 40 years ago. Alan Ayckbourn dressed me in a kind of frock as wicked Richard Rich that drew wolf whistles from the students and set me up for a nightly humiliation. My smile may have been a grimace of relief! Indeed my acting career ended with my next performance in the kid show Robin Hood whereI played the Sheriff of Nottingham as Mutley the Dog. Feeling that I could never top that I retired from acting at the early age of 26 apart from a disastrous performance in my play TOUCHED directed by Richard Eyre where I replaced an actor last minute -and forgot my lines. thank you for bringing back memories of a remarkable time in a remarkable company at Scarborough.


  1. Stuart says:

    A long time ago, in a dark theatre in a northern seaside town you played Richard Rich. I was a school kid on a school trip who wasn’t particularly interested in the dry historical text we had to study. At the end of the play (which I did enjoy, made the subject come alive) all the players came out to take their bows. You stood directly in front of me, all the kids boo’d and hissed at you and you laughed. In that dark, slightly smelly place several realisations hit me at once and that day stays with me. You are in no small way, part of the reason I now love to read history and why I particularly love historical plays.

    Thank you for that day.


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